Inspect Your Lineman Gloves Daily

Our safety message for this week is to remember to “Inspect Your Lineman Gloves Weekly” especially after any incident suspected of causing damage. This is a safety message that we have seen before and will see again and again as it is one of the most important pieces of PPE that we carry with us to work [...]

Prevent Dehydration-Drink Plenty of Water

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend! With the warm weather around the corner it is important that we adjust our fluid intake before and during hot work days in efforts to stay hydrated. Try to avoid the caffeinated drinks which tend to make you urinate more often and drink plenty of water. Keeping the [...]

Play Safe Around Utility Poles

  At first glance, our field tech thought this playground looked like fun however what he discovered was an opportunity to teach youngsters the dangers that might exist when playing around Utility poles. The first danger that comes to mind is the possibility of ground wires that would be attached to the utility pole. Should a child […]