Unexpected replacement expenses can be costly and result in downtime for your customers. Our experienced repair teams are trained and equipped to remediate a wide variety of unwelcomed situations within your system. Whether it’s a minor repair, general maintenance, or a capital spending project, we can complete your needed repair. By using our RCS, we will obtain digital photos of completed remediation, update GIS records, and share data quickly back to you. Our most commonly requested repairs are:

  • Replacing broken risers
  • Missing or broken ground wire replacement
  • Addressing ground moldings
  • Replacement of broken or missing Guy Guards
  • Low step removal, replacing missing facility ID’s
  • Padmount Repair
  • Padmount painting and restoration
  • Vegetation Management

Routine infrared inspections coupled with effective repairs can pay huge dividends for electrical utilities by helping to reduce unscheduled downtime.