Cambridge, MD, 1BJanuary 25, 2016– Power outages up and down the Eastern shore mean instant mobilization for the Cambridge based Resource Asset Management Solutions (RAMS) team. President and CEO Tony Christian was assembling the response team well before the first flake began to fall, and by Sunday afternoon, RAMS had teamed up with Atlantic City Electric (ACE) to assist in the restoration of power to customers who were affected by the winter storm.

RAMS crews are working alongside ACE utility workers to perform reliability checks and assist in power restoration efforts.

Resource Asset Management Solutions is a privately owned firm that maintains a culture of a self-driven, innovative, hard-working team striving to provide our partnerships continuous creative solutions and efficient processes. By remaining flexible and fluid to industry needs, maintaining a safe and reliable system for everyone, and adapting at a moment’s notice to changes within the industry, RAMS continues to be the first choice in utility contractors.

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RAMS Press Release Jonas Storm Patrol


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